bumpn Competing Against Uber for a Startup Award

I went nuts when I saw this…how is bumpn going to compete against Uber in the Faces Magazine award for App Start Up of OTTAWA 2015?? They are in 53 countries, 200 cities and valued at over $40 Billion!! We’re.. well nowhere close to that just yet!

Anyways, I don’t think we have a chance but we appreciate your vote regardless! Go here to vote for us >>

If you haven’t yet seen it here it is.

vote bumpn

To be honest, I haven’t even heard of the other two companies and that’s exactly my point. Everyone other then you guys that go to this page will see Uber, a name they recognize, maybe even used and vote for them because they recognize it! Not fair.. help us spread the word!

Click here to vote for us >>


bumpn wins app of the year startup at Faces Magazine in Ottawa!

bumpn faces award

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