bumpn MVP: Quick Start Guide on How to Use the App

If you haven’t already downloaded the MVP (minimal viable product) of bumpn, then you can enter your number to get it here

Installing the App

First, you need to install the app. It’s available on iTunes and the Google Play Store. You can install it here

Sign in with Facebook

Logging in with facebook means you have access to your friends inside bumpn. We don’t ever post on your behalf.

sign in with facebook


Main Menu

This is where you can navigate the app.

bumpn menu

Create a New Event 

First, tap on “New Event” top section in purple.  You will then come to this screen. Enter the title of the event, select some photos for it, if you don’t have any yet that’s totally fine and can be uploaded later. Select if it will be “private” or “public” by toggling the icons below the photos and tap on create.

create new event bumpn

Features in the Event Feed

Once you’ve created an event (or joined one that you’ve been invited to or found one nearby) you can do a few things.

1) Blue circle: Takes you back to the Menu

2) Red circle: Invite your friends to the event

3) orange circle: like the photo

4) green circle: report photo or hide

5) yellow circle: take or upload a photo

bumpn event feed

Event Invitations and Events Nearby

You can see the events you’ve been invited to and see events that are happening nearby. They both look the same just with different colors and titles at the top to distinguish the two. You can scroll and browse the photos or tap on one to join.

invitations       my events

That’s the basics of our first bumpn MVP. We have taken all the feedback after releasing this and have made some big changes to the UI and UX…

bumpn 2.0 is coming soon!

We expect bumpn 2.0 to be ready for early April.

You can sign up here to get notified and claim your username when we launch!

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