The Top 11 Ways You Can Market Your App

This has to be the #1 question I get asked ALL THE TIME. Monty, how are you marketing bumpn? What are you doing to market the app?

I’m going to spend some time writing this because I believe in sharing the wealth and knowledge. I’m of an abundance mindset so sit back, grab your coffee and let’s go for a ride. Here’s the thing, I’ve learnt so much from reading other experts blog posts and books that it was only about 1 year ago that it hit me that I needed to start writing. So I’ve been writing as often as I can and would love for you to take part in the conversation and leave your comments below.

First and foremost, there are so many variables involved when it comes to marketing an app and it’s important you take what I write and find the best fit for your type of app, market and audience. A great marketer is one who not only tailors and defines a marketing strategy for their product but one who executes on it and gets results. Chances are your definition of results are different then the results we’re trying to achieve for bumpn so make sure you customize this for your own needs.

1) A great product: This by far is the most important factor to a great marketing strategy. If the product you have made available simply SUCKS or there is a better/cheaper alternative then why would anyone (on scale) choose yours over what already exists? Unless you’ve come up with a totally new app (game, experience, use) and you’re first to market with it then the solution your target demographics are looking for are probably already on their phones. So it’s up to you to either build your app better (or cheaper).

2) Word of Mouth: Having a great product makes this so much easier. If your users truly LOVE your app and are getting value and benefits from using it then they will become natural brand ambassadors for you. Think of how many times others have told you about a new app they are using. In fact, most of the apps I have on my phone right now came from my friends telling me “Monty, did you see this yet? This app can do X and Y, and it’s so much better.”

3) Viral Co-efficient (K factor): I’ve written about this at length in a previous blog post that you can check out here. In short, the viral co-efficient is a numerical value that when calculated and is greater then 1, will mean that for every user in your app, more users are being invited to and installing your app. You can increase your k factor by 1) making it friction-less for users to invite other users to your app (invite a friend, social sharing etc) and 2) increasing the conversion ratio of invites sent/ installs made.

4) Organic Installs: The highest quality user is always one that has a problem and goes on a hunt/search looking for a solution. This is called an organic install. If your app is front and center at the right time for that user when he or she is searching, then they will have a VERY high chance of installing your app to see if it provides the answer to their problem. Where would a user go to look for an app that solves a problem of theirs? Well if they have an iPhone they would go to iTunes and if they had a Android they would go to the Play Store and so on. Some users will also search on search engines like Google or Bing/Yahoo so paid ads and an organic ranking for targeted keywords is important here. Both of these require time and money.

How do you get to the top of your category in iTunes or the Play Store in the Country you’re targeting? The only way for this to happen is if you have enough VELOCITY. That is the most amount of downloads in the shortest amount of time. There are several techniques to achieving this and is highly dependent on your app and resources but if you want more insight into how this can be achieved for your own app then please send me an email monty @ bumpn .com and i’ll be happy to help.

5) Product Hunt: Product Hunt just recently became one of my “check daily” sites ( I even tweeted it..) I must say, Ryan Hoover did an excellent job with ProductHunt. It has become a platform where startups, investors, journalists and many others come DAILY to see what’s new and hot in the tech world. I highly suggest you integrate Product Hunt  into your marketing strategy (early launch) as it can certainly get your product out there! Get your product seen and posted by an influencer who can then help spread the word. The more eyeballs you get, the more upvotes you will receive and the more exposure for your product/service!


6) PR: This can mean a variety of things but at the end of the day it’s all about getting OTHERS to talk about your app. The angle chosen for which they talk about your app and the amount of klout/ influence he or she talking/writing about your app has will determine how much of an impact that PR story has.

Let’s take the app Yo! as an example. An app that arguably became one of the most “viral” apps of all time. This quote is taken from an article published on VentureBeat.

As many of you probably know, Yo’s introduction to the world was one of the most extensively covered tech stories in history and holds a record for user growth — 1 million users in just 4 days since it was first covered by press.

It started on May 18th 2014 when Robert Scoble was invited into the Mobli offices to meet up with Moshe Hogeg, Founder and CEO of Mobli. If you don’t know who Robert Scoble is then WHAT PLANET ARE YOU FROM? This guy is the King of Social Media and YES if Robert reads this, then I would take an awesome picture holding his book and post it on bumpn.

robert scoble naked conversations

Robert immediately called the app “the stupidest but most addicting app ever.” He then went on his facebook and posted that exact same message. PS. he has over 600,000 followers on facebook (hint, hint, nudge, nudge). After that post, influencers and socialites all started talking and posting about Yo! It flew to the top of ProductHunt  and the rest is history! It’s the angle taken and the features of the app alongside with getting the right person to talk about it that made this all happen. What did it cost? Who knows but most likely nothing or marginal! Building relationships, personalizing your content and finding the right angle is important because if you don’t execute this properly you will fail.

7) Social Influencers: At the end of the day, this is all about distribution. Think about how much more distribution you will get if a celebrity like Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Hardwell or Ellen DeGeneres started talking about your app. They have millions and millions of fans and followers and you can instantly become a big hit if you have an app that would get them talking. Imagine we started bumpn Ellen? Man oh man… or should I say woman oh woman! Ps. I love Ellen.

There are different levels of social influencers. Some with a few thousand, a few hundred thousand or millions of fans/followers. What it would take and what it will cost is very dependent but I mean if John and Sam Shahidi can get Justin Bieber to back Shots (a selfie app that resonates well with Justin Bieber) then what’s stopping you? We’re talking to some A-list social influencers for bumpn and building those relationships and I tell ya, whoever gets in with bumpn now will be sharing our journey to the Unicorn Club!

unicorn club of apps

8) Publishing / Cross Promotions:  Imagine if a large publisher or another app that is similar to yours (let’s say it’s a game) decides to promote your app in their own app(s). You can do this by negotiating deals or working with larger publishers like Magmic – if you want me to introduce you to them you can send me an email Monty @ bumpn .com. Most of these deals are done on Rev Share models but the leverage they would give you is astronomical compared to you trying to do it on your own. They have the relationships, the networks, the means etc – it’s a VERY easy decision to make.

9) Advertising: There are SO many ways to advertise your app now. From different types of ads, to different types of placements etc. I will write an entirely new blog post on this if there is enough interest just let me know in your comments below! The most important thing here is to get installs at a Cost Per Install (CPI) that is LOWER then your Life Time Value (LTV) of your customer. The apps that have perfectd this are the ones that you see in the top of app charts and are making all the noise. At the end of the day, if you’re making more money then what it costs to bring in new customers then you would scale it to the MOON! You can check out Ad platforms like Tap Joy  or AppFlood to get your started.

10) Incubators/Accelerators/Events: If you get accepted into Y Combinator, Techstars or similar not only will this indirectly help get you marketing and press but it also helps with many other factors such as building a team, getting product to market, meeting influential people that may be able to help you later on etc. Furthermore, events like Tech Crunch Disrupt (even just being in the Startup Alley) can help you with your marketing. At the end of the day, it’s all about getting as many impressions to your product via a story that resonates very well (and of course you better have an amazing product/service to back it up!)

11) Being Creative: I’m essentially going to categorize “everything else” as being creative otherwise the list would go on and on. Whether it’s renting a tour bus and going on nation wide campus tours or hosting student parties like sororities and fraternities. Maybe it’s being present at the Olympics like what Tinder did may work for you! Maybe it’s pitching on Dragon’s Den or Shark Tank! Using creativity and figuring out what’s within your means and resources can help you market your app effectively.

Please let me know if you want me to touch on any other marketing strategies or if you want me to write about different types of ads placements and networks! Hope you enjoyed this read!

I'm a Family man and Entrepreneur. bumpn is my latest start-up which I am the Co-Founder and VP of Marketing. I believe in abundance and sharing value to everyone I can reach. I love tech, mobile and marketing. Follow this blog, or find me on FB or Instagram to learn from all the crazy stuff I'm part of and of course help you along your journey!